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Jun 23, 2021

[Answer] What is "coleslaw?"

Step 1 : Introduction to the question " What is "coleslaw?" "


Coleslaw is a close translation to the Dutch phrase koolsla, with kool translated to cabbage and sla the Dutch abbreviation for salade. When Dutch settlers arrived in New York, originally New Amsterdam, in the 1600s they brought the heritage cabbage salad recipe along with them. The Dutch kept this culinary tradition alive by growing cabbages along the Hudson River.

Original Dutch coleslaw recipes called for raw cabbage doused in melted butter and vinegar. Adding mayonnaise was an American adaptation, started by New York deli-owner Richard Hellmann, who happened to also sell bottles of the mayo in the early 1900s.

The Dutch may have introduced coleslaw to America, but this side dish goes back to Ancient Rome. Roman writer Cato was known to eat cabbage soaked in vinegar; the dish’s popularity grew as the Roman Empire expanded. It spread to other nations like Germany, which uses sour cream in many coleslaw recipes.

More Info: www.wikipedia.org

Step 2 : Answer to the question " What is "coleslaw?" "

Cabbage soup:

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