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Dec 9, 2021

[Answer] What are the “petals” of poinsettias called?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question "What are the “petals” of poinsettias called?"

...1. Bracts 2. Sepals 3. Anthers 4. Stolons

Step 2 : Answer to the question "What are the “petals” of poinsettias called?"

Bracts - What many of us probably think of as the "petals" of the poinsettia, the familiar holiday plant known for its vibrant red coloration, are not petals at all — they are modified leaves called "bracts." The flowers of the plant are a small, yellowish spherical structures called cyathia (Greek for "cup"), located at the center of the bracts. While these bracts, which may also be white, pink, yellow, green, or variegated, are not technically petals, they likely serve the same purpose. The intense hues of these structures serve to attract pollinators to the inconspicuous flowers, ensuring the production of seeds and thus the perpetuation of further generations. The bracts tend to fall off once the actual flower has been pollinated. The cyathia also contain nectar, an additional inducement for pollinating visitors.:

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