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Oct 8, 2022

[Answer] Where is the world's oldest known forest?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question "Where is the world's oldest known forest?"

...1. China 2. Macedonia 3. United States 4. Russia

Step 2 : Answer to the question "Where is the world's oldest known forest?"

United States - It was relatively recently that scientists discovered the world’s oldest forest just outside of Cairo, New York. When the remnants of the root systems in these ancient woodlands were uncovered by researchers in 2009, scientists discovered that they hadn't changed much over the course of 385 million years. These fossilized roots are believed to be part of Archaeopteris, a genus that yielded the first modern tree. Reaching out around 18 feet from their trunks’ bases, the tree roots likely dominated forests the world over around the end of the Devonian period because of their ability to utilize resources. The Archaeopteris also made it through natural selection due to its green leaves, which absorb light well, and its thick trunks that enable growth both outward and upward. They are likened to the maples and oak trees of today.:

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