Nov 25, 2014

Software Automation of SEO

The tool that I use to automate the process is the same tool that let me know that the cat pictures page wasn’t well optimized for the keywords “cat pictures”. It’s called SEO Elite, and it is the absolute best thing since sliced bread when it comes to getting in-bound links to your sites. Brad Callen, an SEO guru (who probably owns a boat), created the software. It automates the 2 most
tedious tasks of the 4 steps I’ve laid out in this tutorial.

1. SEO Elite analyzes the competition for you.

It does this by telling you how many in-bound links a page has, and tells you the keywords that other sites are linking to that page with. That’s how I knew that the cat pictures page wasn’t well optimized for the keywords “cat pictures”. SEO Elite told me that
almost none of the links to that page contained those keywords.

2. SEO Elite automates the sending of reciprocal link requests to the sites in the search results. 

This is so powerful, it makes the software worth 10 times what Brad charges for it. SEO Elite will grab all of the search results for your keywords from Google, Yahoo, MSN and some other engines and
extract the email addresses of the webmasters from the result pages. You can then send a reciprocal link request to each of those webmasters.

Now, personally I think it’s better to modify your generic reciprocal link request for each site that is ranked really well, since it will improve your chances of getting a link. And SEO Elite makes this easy to do. But you don’t have to tailor your emails to the webmaster if you don’t want to. If SEO Elite finds 1,000 contact emails, you can send your generic request to all 1,000. If 10% swap links with you, that’s 100 in-bound links! And I can tell you from experience that a well written link exchange request can get you as high as a 32% link exchange success rate.

SEO Elite does so much more than just allow you to analyze the competition and find link partners, but those are the two “big money” functions of the software that I use the most, and Brad is constantly adding new and improved functionality to it. If you don’t do anything else to improve your ranking in the search engines, get a copy of SEO Elite.
But it’s not the cheapest software (normally $167), and although it’s worth 100 times that, I don’t like my customers to have to pay full price for anything if I can help it. So I’ve negotiated a 20% discount for you with Brad if you buy SEO
Elite through the link in this ebook.  

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