Oct 16, 2016

[Solved] PhonePe App "it is taking this long" Message or "Failed to initiate message. Try again"

You might be disappointed with the message "It is taking this long" pop up while installing the phonepe app in your android phones. It will showing the above pop up with the following message "Some times the SMS you just sent take time to reach us. You can come back later to complete the registration or try to send another SMS now". In status bar it will show like "Failed to initiate message. Try again"

PhonePe App

Majorly this is because of one of the following reasons or combination of two or more. 

1. Network Error
2. Phone RAM capacity or software failure.
3. Time format setting in android OS.
4. Server side issues.

Any how we are going to discuss all of this problems in detail, So, that we  will achieve the suitable solution.So, Kindly following the below article carefully.

As you aware online eCommerce legend Flipkart promoting the Flipkart's group app Phone Pe. It is revolutionizing payments by building India's Payments App to provide a cashless and a seamless payment experience.

So follow the below steps to resolve the each problem described above.

1. Network Error: 

If there is any such network issue is there in you area where the phone is operating, then just try running USSD code. USSD code to nothing but message type IVR. For example checking the balance. One more thing you can try is going to the dual sim settings  and deactivating the SIM by un checking the sim and activating it back by checking it again.

2. Phone RAM capacity or software failure:

Literally it is a system failure. This will vary to phone to phone and model to mode. So, there are two possible fixes for this problem. One is restarting the mobile phone and other is to update the system OS. 

3. Time format setting in android OS:

Even while installing itself phonepe app will tell that if any mismatch in the time and date settings then some functions of the app may not function at all. So, Try to change the time format as shown in the image and try back the app after changing

4. Server side issues:

This issue is completely out of our hand. We can't do any thing to fix the issue except praying. Once best thing we can do is we can give feed back mail that the particular functionality is not working. Please look into it.

So, After modifying all these steps now restart your phone for my sake and check the app whether working or not.

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