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May 13, 2017

[Ans] What modern dance company was founded by the co-director of the musical that premiered January 5, 1964, at New York City’s Sanctuary Theatre?

A book written by Langston Hughes and William Hairston reveals that a pioneering work in the urban contemporary gospel musical style, based on the themes of the Civil Rights Movement in the United State.

Jerico-Jim Crow premiered on Sunday, January 5, 1964, at the Sanctuary Theatre, New York City. It was co-directed by Alvin Ailey and William Hairston and conducted by Hugh Porter, with Marion Joseph Franklin, Jr as associate musical director and musical accompanist, the musical was favorably reviewed in The New York Times....Continue Further reading  with below link

Original cast:
Joseph Attles
William Cain
Dorothy Drake
Micki Grant
Rosalie King
Metrogene Myles
Gilbert Price

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