Apr 9, 2018

[Ans] Which planet is closest to the sun?

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...And then Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun, and Earth is the third closest planet to the Sun. The distance of Mercury to the Sun is actually an average. Mercury follows an elliptical orbit around the Sun. ... At its closest point, called perihelion, Mercury is only 46 million km from the Sun.May 28, 2010 Which of the Planets is Closest to the Sun?

How do you remember the planets? A good rhyme to help you remember is; My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Served Us Noodles! There is another Planet song that goes; "Mercury and Venus, Earth and Mars. Look at all the planets in amongst the stars. Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus too.

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Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. As such, it circles the sun faster than all the other planets, which is why Romans named it after their swift-footed messenger god. Its orbit around the Sun is very elliptical, like a stretched out circle, compared to those of the other planets. Mercury's distance from the Sun ranges from 28.6 million miles to 43.4 million miles. Ironically, the planet closest to the sun is not the hottest planet; that honor is reserved for Venus.

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