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Jun 5, 2022

[Answer] Where can you see this leaning, 10th-century pagoda?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question "Where can you see this leaning, 10th-century pagoda?"

...1. Yangon, Myanmar 2. Langkawi, Malaysia 3. Da Nang, Vietnam 4. Suzhou, China

Step 2 : Answer to the question "Where can you see this leaning, 10th-century pagoda?"

Suzhou, China - This pagoda leans a bit, but you might too if you stood for over a thousand years! Yunyan Temple Pagoda was built in 961 on Huqiu Hill in the city of Suzhou, China. The octagonal pagoda is seven stories high, over 150 feet tall, and made of brick. Inside, there are no stairs to connect the stories, as the upper floors were only once accessible by movable ladders. The building leans by about three degrees, but the foundation was reinforced in the 1950s in hopes of holding it steady for a few hundred more years.:

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