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Jul 5, 2022

[Answer] 1. How about trying Hobart while you're at it?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question "1. How about trying Hobart while you're at it?"

...1. How - bit 2. Hew - bat 3. Haw - but 4. Hoe - bart The syllables are pretty well sounded quickly together for this town. Hobart is the capital city of Australia's Tasmanian state. It began as a penal colony in 1803 and is actually the second oldest capital city of our country. Hobart is located on the Derwent River and a large deepwater port which was once the centre of a whaling and sealing industry, ugh. Times were different back then however, so it's all very well to ugh away sanctimoniously from the safety of historical perspective. Surprisingly, in spite of being located so far south, Hobart's climate is fine and mild. Today its still a busy seaport, home to many of the Antarctic's vessels and also to many cruise ships. Those chocoholics among quizplayers will be interested to learn that Hobart is home to the Cadbury factory which makes most of the chocolate in the southern hemisphere. Several of my Team members (The Scrambled Eggheads) have this addiction, so I expect to see them relocating to the fair city of Hobart any day now.

Step 2 : Answer to the question "1. How about trying Hobart while you're at it?"

Hoe - bart:

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