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Jul 24, 2022

[Answer] Where is the world's largest underwater restaurant?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question "Where is the world's largest underwater restaurant?"

...1. The Maldives 2. Thailand 3. Norway 4. Mexico

Step 2 : Answer to the question "Where is the world's largest underwater restaurant?"

Norway - You’ll have to travel underwater to dine in this Scandinavian restaurant. Located in Lindesnes, Norway, the restaurant "Under" lies 16 feet below the ocean’s surface. The restaurant is not only the world’s largest underwater restaurant at 5,300 square feet but also Europe’s first underwater restaurant. With the capacity to seat 100, the 2020 Michelin Guide gave Under one star — the first restaurant in southern Norway to receive a Michelin star. The restaurant itself appears like a sheer rock in the sea — half-sunken and functioning as an artificial reef to blend into its marine environment. As you eat, you’ll be surrounded by an ocean view of fish, including urchins, dogfish, and wrasses to name a few.:

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