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Sep 23, 2022

[Answer] Where can you find the world’s largest butterfly?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question "Where can you find the world’s largest butterfly?"

...1. Brazil 2. Papua New Guinea 3. Tanzania 4. Laos

Step 2 : Answer to the question "Where can you find the world’s largest butterfly?"

Papua New Guinea - It turns out that the world’s largest butterfly isn’t all that easy to find. You’ll have to venture to the coastal rainforests of eastern Papua New Guinea to find the Queen Alexandra Birdwing, also known as the Birdwing Butterfly. Named for the wife of King Edward VII of England, the wingspan of females can reach nearly a foot wide, up to 50% larger than the more colorful males, and nearly 11 inches wider than an average butterfly. Birdwing caterpillars feed on poisonous vines, making them toxic to predators. Unfortunately, deforestation and habitat loss has threatened the population in recent years, but conservationist groups are working to raise awareness of this rare and impressive butterfly species.:

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