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Apr 1, 2023

[Answer] What are the Wulvers?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question " What are the Wulvers? "


The Wulver is a half-man, half-wolf creature in Scottish mythology.

This unique creature may look frightening, but is not your typical Werewolf. Unlike Werewolves, which turn from man to wolf, during a full moon, the Wulver remains permanently in this state. With a wolf's head and a man's body, covered in a layer of brown hair, the ancient Celts believed the Wulver was descended from wolf-kind.

He is known for being fairly sedate and friendly and can often be seen sitting on a stone, fishing in a loch or river for their dinner. These stones, named Wulver Stanes, are usually flat rocks located on the banks of rivers and lochs. With an abundance of patience, the Wulver may spend hours sitting on the stone while they fish for food.

The Wulver has been known to help travelers lost in the countryside. Poor families would often find a supply of fish left on their windowsill. The same gifts would be given to a family with a sick resident, with the Wulver sitting on watch sadly outside the home of the terminally ill. They have been known to kill, but only in self defence. Living in a dug out cave, half way up a hill. The Wulver prefers a solitary life. Their ability to be thin and gracefully fast comes from their need to escape from human and Kelpie predators.Some believe that the Wulver is immortal, and will lead you to buried treasure in ancient ruins.

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Blood thirsty wild dogs:

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