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Apr 8, 2023

[Answer] What does "Florida" mean in Spanish?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question "What does "Florida" mean in Spanish?"

...1. Island 2. Sand 3. Flowery 4. Beach

Step 2 : Answer to the question "What does "Florida" mean in Spanish?"

Flowery - When Juan Ponce de León set his Spanish flag on the southern peninsula of the United States in 1513, he called it “Florido,” which means “full of flowers” in Spanish, because it was a land filled with blossoms and it also happened to be Easter (“Pascua Florida” in Spanish). Thus, the state of Florida’s name was born. Ponce de León was the first European to reach Florida. He established the first European settlement in Puerto Rico. Ponce de León heard about a rejuvenating spring from the Indigenous people of the Bahamas known as the Fountain of Youth, which was allegedly located on an island called Bimini. In search of this fictional fountain and, of course, new land, Ponce de León found himself in Florida. Today, the 15-acre Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park honors this historic search for immortality.:

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