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Apr 23, 2023

[Answer] What is NOT one of Earth's five longest mountain ranges?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question "What is NOT one of Earth's five longest mountain ranges?"

...1. Andes 2. Rocky Mountains 3. Great Dividing Range 4. Himalayas

Step 2 : Answer to the question "What is NOT one of Earth's five longest mountain ranges?"

Himalayas - The Himalayas are home to the tallest mountain peaks in the world, including the 29,029-foot Mount Everest, but the mountain range doesn’t rank among Earth's top five longest ranges. The longest occur on five different continents: the Andes in South America, the Southern Great Escarpment in Africa, the Rocky Mountains in North America, the Transantarctic Mountains in Antarctica, and the Great Dividing Range in Australia. The Andes is by far the longest range, stretching 4,300 miles and climbing up to 22,841 feet in Mount Aconcagua. The Himalayas rank sixth, stretching some 1,600 miles across Asia. But if you were to include submarine mountains in this ranking, the longest range beneath the water would dwarf any one of these, as the mid-ocean ridge system stretches a whopping 40,389 miles.:

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