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May 9, 2023

[Answer] What animal can run on water?

Step 1 : Introduction to the question " What animal can run on water? "


Basilisk lizards are remarkable animals, ranging in color from various shades of red, green, blue, brown, yellow and black. They are predators that feed mostly on winged insects in the wild. They are well known for a unique behavior exhibited by wild specimens. By trapping pockets of air beneath their long toes and fringes of skin, and using their tails for balance, basilisks are able to run bipedally for short distances across the surface of water. This incredible trait—which has resulted in the nickname of “Jesus lizard”—not only allows basilisks to hunt more efficiently, it enables them to make a quick escape from predators themselves. And if a basilisk tires while making such as escape, it can reportedly remain underwater for up to 20 minutes depending on the severity of the threat it perceives.

The most common basilisk seen in the pet reptile trade is the striped basilisk, due in part to the fact that it roams freely in Florida as an invasive species. Currently, specimens may sell for between $3 (for babies) and $20 (for adults) each. Because of its inexpensive price tag, plus the fact that the striped basilisk does not boast any amazing colors or truly enticing features to the untrained eye, some specimens I’ve seen for sale are not cared for properly and appear malnourished. This is unfortunate, because the striped basilisk, though not as eye-catching as the green basilisk, can still make an engaging pet.

More Info: reptilesmagazine.com

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